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Becoming a Monk


Vocations Booklet for KELEX final 11.5.18

“Who is the man who longs for life and desires to see good days?” if hearing this, you respond “I do,” God then directs these words to you: “If you desire true and eternal life, keep your tongue from evil talk and your lips from deceit; distance yourself from evil and do good; search for peace and pursue it” (St Benedict)

Who are we?

We are men of various backgrounds and character who have dedicated ourselves to God through a life of prayer, work, and service in community
Our History
Our beginning in 1896 was as a Benedictine monastic community in the Church of England which became Roman Catholic in 1913. We have been at Prinknash since 1928

What do we do?
We strive to live the Gospel by following the Rule of St Benedict under the guidance of an abbot.

There are three main aspects to our life
• Daily Prayer.
• Service of one another in community.
• Work of various kinds to earn our living, attend to our guests and visitors, and promote the Roman Catholic Faith.

Becoming a Benedictine of Prinknash
Our Life is open to single Roman Catholic men over the age of eighteen

A Religious vocation is a response to God’s call to live a life of dedication in His service

  • The aspirant is invited to stay as a guest in the abbey for a few days to discern with the novice master whether he may or may not have a vocation to the life at Prinknash
  • There follows a one-month pre-postulancy period during which the aspirant shares the life of the Prinknash community
  • The aspirant then becomes a postulant for six months
  • After six months the postulant is clothed in the monastic habit and becomes a novice for one year.
  • After a year as a novice Simple Profession of vows are made for three years and the novice becomes a Junior Monk
  • After three years as a Junior Monk Solemn Profession of vows are made for life. The vows are Obedience, Conversion of Life and Stability in the community

Contact Details:

If you are interested in becoming a Benedictine of Prinknash Abbey please contact: