Prinknash Abbey
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Follow the Liturgical Calendar of Prinknash from Advent 2018

Liturgical Calendar  for year Advent 2018-Advent 2019


Abbot Martin McLaughlin, 6th Abbot of Prinknash says:-

Welcome to Prinknash Abbey, a Roman Catholic community of Benedictine Monks belonging to the English Province of the international Subiaco Cassinese Congregation of the Order of Saint Benedict, details of which may be found on this link:-

People of all faiths and none come to Prinknash to find peace, healing and reconciliation–or just a nice hot cup of tea!  This is a special place. 



Heart of the Prinknash Estate, the Monastery Chapel, is on the far side of the estate from the A46, and open from 6am till 8.30pm every day.

Daily in this chapel, eight age-old services of prayer are sung by the monks, whose principal duty this is. 

“You sing the year” ex-General of the the Dominicans Fr Timothy Radcliffe O.P. tells us: “you sing the TRUE story of humanity”–not a story of ambition, greed, hatred, cruelty–but the story that “God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, Jesus Christ” so that we might have life in him. (Jn 3:16)  

This prayer is intended to bring supreme honour and glory to God the Father, through his Son, Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, and to ask God’s mercy on you, your children, your loved ones, living and dead, for peace in the world.  Come and join us in the chapel, or join us in spirit, in the privacy of your own homes.

The monks also celebrate occasionally the Extraordinary Form of the Mass (Old Latin Mass).  For all services, please check the link below:-




At present we are able to accommodate male guests only.  The comunity hope to be able to offer more in the future. 

Check out or write to



Young Catholic men!  Monastic life did not end with the Middle Ages!  Many of your ancestors lived this way of life, giving up property, and the right to marriage, in order to enter the service of the Lord in a traditional but totally relevant challenge to the needy world.  Why not you, too?


Prinknash has about 140 lay associates called oblates, Christian (mostly Roman Catholic) men and women from all backgrounds, who wish to model their lives on the 1500-year-old Rule of Saint Benedict while living in the outside world.  Check out the page devoted to Oblates, or contact



Our award-winning Café and Shop is just the place for morning coffees, bottled beer, cider, wine, lunches, afternoon teas.  Enjoy the hospitality of our friendly staff and, while you savour your fresh coffee, ponder over the trademarak TABLETOP MEDITATION providing food for thought, every week, or browse over our unrivalled collection of Christian books and secondhand books.  The shop seeks to extend the welcome given to Christ in every person which Saint Benedict teaches in his Rule.  When you”ve finished, walk up the lane to the monastery and its peaceful chapel, to or to the Grotto of our Lady.  Find peace.

Cafe- Serving area

Welcome to the Prinknash Abbey Cafe and Bookshop

Cafe- Seating area

Enjoy the peaceful surroundings


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The Monks of Prinknash have been blending incense for over 110 years.

Buy our famous Prinknash incense from us direct through our online shop.

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